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Maps excited me when I was a little kid. Even today I am most happy while making a map. So it was obvious that this would be my career, I am a freelance map maker and GIS analyst. Yes, GIS or Geographic Information System is part and parcel of today's mapping environment. Rather, it is the opposite;cartographic mapping is just a small part of GIS. Here we do all of it, GIS, Cartography, Google maps, KML, Geo-processing, map digitisation (a fancy name for tracing a map), restoring old maps and almost anything and everything in the geo-spatial field.

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The list of our freelance map services is really long, right from soft copy cartography to web maps, GIS, OSM (OpenStreetMaps) integration, image geo-referencing, image maps and so on. Below is the gist of all the services that we provide

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