About MapsAndLocations

M&L is a venture of Anuradha and Col Sanjay Mohan who have more than two decades of experience in the art of mapping, cartography and GIS. The beginning was made by Anu as a freelance cartographer working for clients in Europe and North America way back in 2004 when we were posted in the IT City Bangalore. Col Sanjay Mohan who has retired from Indian Army after three decades in the Army is an M. Tech. in Remote Sensing and GIS from premier IIRS, Dehradun. He has rich experience in Military Survey and an accomplished cartographer and GIS professional.  We are settled in Bangalore, India and undertake freelance cartography and GIS projects. 
Our Values
Our moto Pro Maps Pro Service gives a gist of what we strive for. Once we accept a freelance map project, you be assured of one hundred percent guaranteed satisfaction. We don't want to make a map for you, we want to build a relationship with you, a relation of trust and understanding. And we have built such long relations with almost all our clients, with mutliple repeat orders for custom maps. At one point we were constantly looking for work at various freelancing portals like Elance etc. but now with regular work from our clients we hardly have time to browse thorough freelancing sites. Here we would like to thank all our clients for reposing faith in us. We promise to continue to strive to achieve excellence in every project that we undertake.
Customer Service
The customer is king and we firmly believe in that. You can contact us for an update of any map or project any time and you will be given utmost priority, as we understand that in the IT enabled real time environment, a delay can be potentially disastrous. Freelance work offers us the flexibility and we ensure dedication, sincerity and time bound project completion.
Award Winning
We do not undertake freelance work for getting an award from any agency or an organisation, that is not our goal. Our goal is much bigger than that, we work for an award by each of our clients and we are proud to say that we have been successful in achieving that. We have consistently received repeat projects from many of our clients. 
Global Reach
You want a map of a small city in California or a big city in South Sudan; geo-spatial task on data of Netherlands or cartagrams of South Africa. Our mapping reach is the full globe, however if you want maps of Mars or Moon, yes we can give that a try too.
We are at your beck and call all day long and 365 days of the year, that is the promise of freelance work. Call us on +919410394195 or WhatsApp us on the same number or send a mail to Anu on promapper@gmail.com or to Sanjay on mohansanjay@gmail.com. And in today's world we are proud to say that we do not commute to work and thus make this world a little greener. Yes, we think most of the IT industry should not commute to work and contribute to lower the carbon footprint.
Our Commitment
We make our maps with open source data, thus eliminating any copyright issues. So you own every bit of data on the maps done by us, no recurring royalty payments to print or use the maps. As a policy we will provide both vector and raster map images to you. You can also ask for a specific map file format and we have tons of supported formats that we can easily provide to you without any additional costs. Our commitment is to do one hundred percent for you and generally we surpass these targets.