British Columbia City Mapping Project

FormRetail Advisers a company dealing with commercial property management and brokering contacted us for mapping of various retail clients in major cities of British Columbia. The freelance map project involved a lot of work, first in cartographic mapping of various BC cities and then adding all the retail clients' location on those maps. The GIS data of British Columbia for base maps was downloaded from various sources in the open domain. The Open Street Map data was not needed at all as the Canadian open data is excellent for making detailed city maps.
We made more than one and half dozen city maps in this project. Some were large cities like Vancouver, Victoria and many were relatively small, Mission, Aldergrove, Saanich and so on. The maps had the same look and feel, so specifications were strictly adhered to. Vancouver City was mapped at various scales. For the Company Boardroom wall, we made it at 1:30000 scale with dimension of 6 feet width and 4 feet height. And for the brochures we used highly thinned out version of same GIS data to make the map at 1:150,000 scale. The small map was used as a base map for mapping various clients of the company. Say Auto Map, all the locations of autoparts clients;Lordco, Auto Parts Plus, NAPA Auto Parts, Canadian Tire etc. are plotted on the map to identify potential areas not serviced by any of them. There can be many uses of these maps. I have shown a few of the maps here and you can click to view the larger version of the map too.
British Columbia, Canada
Part of Vancouver City Map
Vancouver McDonald Map
Victoria City Map
All these maps of cities in British Columbia, Canada were made with GIS data available in the open domain only, thereby removing any potential copyright issues. We have done many BC cities, if you are looking for a BC city, may be we already have the map for it and if we have done it already, you get it real cheap or may be free. Freelance maps do have implicit advantages beside being inexpensive.