Over the last decade we have done hundreds of freelance maps and other geo-spatial projects. We can not showcase all of them in this page. So here we have some of our favourite projects. Few of our maps you will find on other pages of this site. If you want to see specific samples of map types listed in the services page then quick links will take you to some specific freelance map examples. Still yearning for more, let us know your idea, may be we already have done a similar project. And if not then it will be a great opportunity to create yet another unique freelance map product.

Our First Major Project
We started freelancing as cartographer and graphic designer in 2004. GIS and geospatial technologies were the buzzwords and everyone wanted a ride on this bandwagon. We were looking for some experience in any GIS software but the training was very expensive. So we concentrated on our strengths, Illustrator and Freehand. We did get some small freelance projects of map tracing, but it was just scraping through. We did not get a good break for two years but then 2006 brought some cheer and same year we got few projects ......

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County Mapping
The trickle which started in 2006 had become a perennial stream in 2007. The workload increased and we had to hire help through freelance sites. Well, that was the only option as we were not sure of continuous availability of projects. Then we got another big project of mapping 8 counties of South Carolina;Lexington, Richland, Calhaun, Orangeburg, Aiken, Sumter, Newberry and Saluda counties. After accepting the project, the realization dawned that even the upgraded system did not have enough RAM to handle the ESRI exported Illustrator file. But the client came up with a solution, he re-exported from ESRI into four parts. That did the trick ....

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Open Source Initiative
The GIS data from vendors like Navtech is prohibitively expensive. They have their reasons for the pricing and probably justified too. Navtech data is the best GIS data on earth and can be used in most of GIS analysis. But such high quality data is a waste for making freelance map products like web maps, city guide maps etc. The team of thousands of volunteers brought to the world OpenStreetMaps (OSM) and various open source GIS software. We use both open source GIS data and software in generating freelance maps. This is the most effective way to reduce costs....

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British Columbia Cities Project
FormRetail Advisers a company dealing with commercial property management and brokering contacted us for mapping of various retail clients in major cities of British Columbia. The freelance map project involved a lot of work, first in cartographic mapping of various BC cities and then adding all the retail clients' location on those maps. The GIS data of British Columbia for base maps was downloaded from various sources in the open domain. The Open Street Map data was not needed at all as the Canadian government open data is good for making detailed city maps....

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