The erstwhile cartographers provided one primary service and that was making a map for you. The advent of Geographic Information System (GIS) has not only improved the cartographic mapping products but also added new dimensions to the geo-spatial services concept. The GIS which was earlier confined to servers and desktops, has now moved to the web with WMS (web mapping service), WFS (web feature service) through the Open Layers. We at mapsandlocations strive to bring to you all the new technologies in the geo-spatial world.

So you have already read about GIS. Like any information system, GIS is also dependent upon data but good GIS data, say from Navtech is really pricey. But if you have the money and you have purchased the best data, how long will this remain the best? Earth and features on it are in constant change, so today the data is the best, tomorrow you need to spend more money to get an update.

So there was a need to have current data availability without getting into a re-purchase of data. The volunteer effort of openstreetmaps (OSM), an open source GIS data warehouse with WFS, WMS services is a boon for geo-spatial needs. Though the OSM data has number of issues but the best part is that it is free. With a little effort, the data can be corrected and utilised in freelance map making, GIS analysis and a gamut of geo-spatial services. We at mapsandlocations generate our freelance maps with OSM and other open source data only. This makes our maps up-to-date, royalty free and highly affordable. We provide almost all geo-spatial services as listed out :-
Web Maps
The web maps or maps for web sites are available in variety of formats. The earlier concept of static maps is giving way to dynamic maps generated with Google, Bing, Yahoo or Open Layers concept. But these maps are delivered in a built-in package with limited scope of modification. So static web maps have not fallen out of favour as yet. We custom make all kinds of web maps and give you full rights of its use. We also do Google mashups with variety of data types..
City Maps
City maps are the most sought after freelance mapping requirement. This we have concluded after making custom city maps for hundreds of cities for hundreds of clients.The city map may be required for printing in a brochure or displayed on a web site. There are different flavors to city maps, the fun style with cartoonish characterisation of the map elements or the business like classical style.The city maps with 3D landmarks is also the choice of many clients.
Route Maps
Route maps are highly common map requirement for tourism and airline booking websites. These maps can be highly detailed at a very large scale or generic giving just an overview of the route. Sometimes route maps do have an overview map also, which serves as a locator map for the route. I have done umpteen route maps for a scenic locale bicycle tour operator. I enjoyed making these maps by imagining riding on the scenic routes in Google Earth.
State Maps
State or Province maps where major map features within a state are shown. These features can be major roads or highways, prominent water features, major cities of the state, city extents, national parks, forests etc. Any special feature which needs highlighting, say the population of each city then can be added to the map. These maps can also be called Base maps on which thematic maps with a specific theme can be developed. Or you want blank state maps, we are ready..
Locator Maps
Locator maps as the name suggests are designed with the primary focus of locating a business establishment or a venue or a site. These freelance maps are small and have just the relevant information; roads and important landmarks to facilitate easy approach to the designated venue. Locator maps can be printed on the reverse side of a marriage invitation, business card, within a brochure or flyer of an event or on the entrance of the venue.
Country Maps
Country maps, another freelance map product which is in high demand. These can be simple maps depicting the boundaries of a country to very elaborate ones with features like communications rail/road, water features, state boundaries, major cities, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, protected areas, national parks etc. They can also be referred to as the country base maps to be used for generating thematic maps. Most of the climate maps are country based thematic maps.
Tourist Maps
The world is becoming smaller by the day, more and more tourists want to visit exotic locations and even the not so exotics ones. Recently Myanmar, more commonly known as Burma has acquired the hot tourist destination. I also did a few maps for a tourist portal trying to encash on the newfound exotica. Tourist freelance maps in PDF format are best for websites and portals as a concise locale specific information tool. A tourist can download the PDF file and print it before venturing in territories where connectivity is poor.
Property Maps
Property maps come in various genres. They can be used for mapping the inside of the property, an overview, or showing locations of similar type of property, say all the cinemas in greater Vancouver. Or may be locations of Burger King in New York. For retail agencies, all the locations they serve and prospective new locations can be easily decided by GIS and shown as a map. Let us know if you would like us to execute a review through GIS, the results can be highly profitable for corporate decision making.
Thematic Maps
Thematic maps represent a certain theme. So it can be country map with states colored thematically based on population or per capita income. Thematic maps are the best to assess suitable areas for a business. A service center, location is best suited if it serves maximum clients. Thematic maps are the best tool in the hands of analysts to improve both the bottom and top line growth of your company. Since thematic maps are data driven, so GIS provides us the solution to generate these maps. We use Illustrator with Avenza Mapublisher for GIS imports.
Topographic Maps
The oldest maps that exist in the mapping world are the topographic maps. These maps with all the topographic features both natural and man made represent the topography of the region. These maps are also called the military maps, why? Because they are most detailed and sufficient to move around in an unknown territory, that's what military does on their tour of duty. These maps were earlier done through the rigorous physical survey of an area. Now we have aerial photos and satellite photogrammetry to do the job. We do undertake topographic mapping projects.
Walking Trail Maps
Trail maps have the topography of the area and specific location information in much more details. The trail maps have most of the features of the topographic maps and alongwith them the profile of trails. These maps also have information on location of rest rooms, eating places, medical aid posts, parking lots and major routes servicing the area. Trail maps with contours and hill shading are easier to interpret even by first time hikers.
HTML Clickable Maps
These maps are utilized to make the websites user friendly and lot more dynamic. A special open source scripting language jQuery with html masks does the trick. We have built many such maps which can be utilised in Wordpress and Joomla sites too. These maps work in Apple devices also whereas Flash fails. So with these maps you reach Android, Apple and all the other browsers which do not show Flash content. Another Flash disadvantage, it is not SEO friendly.
Digitisation / Map Tracing
GIS, OSM, Google maps, Yahoo maps, Bing maps, all of these have taken us to remote corners of the earth. But sometimes, we want that old map or Google map does not show that one road where our business is located. It is also likely that you are planning development of a tract of virgin land. Then it is all manual tracing from hand drawn sketches or scanned old paper maps.
HTML5 Zoomable Maps
HTML5 has advanced features and these are used to make zoomable and clickable maps. These maps are thus a notch ahead of the HTML clickable maps. Also since it is HTML, so every modern browser handles it well. These maps are highly suited for property showcasing and giving users an advanced user friendly experience. We use Avenza Mapublisher, a highly robust GIS plugin, to create these maps.
GIS Geo-processing Tasks
GIS data is available in plenty either through outright purchase or through open domain. However such off the shelf COTS data may not be suitable to give you the desired analysis. Then we take the help of GIS geo-processing. We use open source tools like Quantum GIS to get the geo-processing solution for you. We also have access to proprietary GIS solutions like ESRI ArcGIS to develop custom geo-processing models for you. We also have access to other COTS GIS software like MapInfo, Global Mapper if specifically needed for the project.
Geolocation / Geo Addressing
Geolocation, geotagging and geo-addressing, these are the buzzwords of today's geo-spatial world. You have a bunch of addresses and are looking for solution to manage them with online mapping portals like openlayers or Google maps. we have the answers to give you customised solution for diverse geo-spatial problems. Or you may want a simple KML (keyhole markup language) file for all the POIs in your handheld GPS device, you need not go any further, just send us a mail and rest we will look after.
The services that we have mentioned above are a mere part of the gamut of geo-spatial, GIS and freelance map tasks that we can undertake. We love challenges and we love to find solutions to complex geo-spatial problems.