Web Maps

The web maps or maps for web sites are available in variety of formats. The earlier concept of static maps is giving way to dynamic maps generated with Google, Bing, Yahoo or Open Layers concept. But these maps are delivered in a built-in package with limited scope of modification. So static web maps have not fallen out of favour as yet. We custom make all kinds of web maps and give you full rights of its use. We also do Google mashups, if that is what you are interested in.

I have posted here some samples of freelance maps for websites, corporate or academic presentations and other general purpose requirement. You can hover over the map images below to know more details about the map and a click will open a larger image in a new tab. Now we also provide very low kb thumbnail freelance maps in PNG format for websites.

Maps of Continents
Here are displayed thumbnails for few maps of the continents. Truly speaking these are not exactly continental maps. For the sake of cartographic adjustments, the continents have been cut or joined together. As you can in the Oceania map where in some portion Asia has been joined. These are thus maps of contiguous regions and the whole of earth has been divided into 10 regions. Each of these thumbnails will take you to the relevant page where you can easily download the continent maps in image format. If you would like to buy the Illustrator .ai or pdf file, just write to us.
Click for more continent maps.....

General Purpose Maps
As the name suggests these maps may be for a brochure, an event or even a history book or any other purpose. These maps may be thematic or line maps or even locator maps. All such maps are custom made and the costs depend on the complexity, scale and extent of the map. It must be understood that even though a vector map can be printed at any scale without any distortion or pixelization but the content that it carries is valid for one scale only. So even if you print a A4 sized map on an A2 paper, it will only have the content of A4 size but printed on a large paper. So each map is unique for its own size of paper.

US Maps
United States of America, a vast and varied land, is a paradise for a mapper and cartographer. US has been extensively surveyed over the last two centuries. This detailed survey has generated vast quantities of good quality GIS data. So mapping of USA is more of a delight than a chore. Today OpenStreetMaps or more commonly OSM data and Tiger Line data both of which are available in open domain. These two datasets are comparable to high quality GIS data from private vendors, though not very frequently updated and may have topological errors too. This data can be used to produce good quality updated maps of almost any region of USA. A click will take you to the US page and there you will find six maps of US. USA has been extensively covered in the Powerpoint Maps section also, where you can download State wise county boundary maps of all the US States.