USA Editable Powerpoint Slides

A research found out that the most used map in the world for presentations is the map of USA. But it is primarily used as an image not as a vector form. The image map is just pasted without transforming it into an information box. Most users think that one needs sophisticated GIS or similar software to manipulate the maps. However for a great presentation you only need the map as a freeform vector in the PPT file. We sell such maps for very affordable prices, so write to Anu at
Here are some US maps, absolutely free for you. Just choose the map that is suitable for you and download with a click on the image. These maps are not editable in Powerpoint, however editable version for each of them is available for just USD $10 and if you want all of them as a bundle, and along with that full USA map with each of the 50 States as a freeform clipart fully editable in Powerpoint, just get in touch with us for huge discounts.

Send an email to Anu at with the subject line USA State Bundle PPT Maps and get huge discounts for more than 50 editable US State Maps in Microsoft Powerpoint Slide format.

The USA State Bundle will have all the fifty States, Alabama to Wyoming and also the nine geographic divisions of the USA as shown below in separate PPT files with fully editable freeforms which you can fill up with matching colors, change the transparency for those out of the world presentations. Now you do not need the top dollar for fancy GIS software, those long hours trying to figure out raster and vector, all you need is the editable vector clipart maps and that beautiful imagination to churn out content filled slides for your presentation. So why wait, just drop a line to Anu at for the US State Bundle PPT Maps.